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Paragliding Instructor Certification Clinics $495

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Basic Instructor

These three day clinics allow instructors candidates who have been working as apprentice instructors to show the Eagle Administrators they have what it takes to teach paragliding. Instructor candidates will teach ground school subjects, and work with students on kiting, launch, flying, and landing skills.

This clinic will help you master the skills of teaching paragliding safely and effectively. This clinic is open to ALL Novice or higher rated pilots. These clinics are designed to progress/qualify candidates towards their Basic or Advanced Instructor ratings. Attendees should expect to display the highest of standards and qualifications. The ICP will serve as an Instructor Training Seminar (ITS) as well as an Instructor Evaluation (IE). Although some attendees may not qualify for the instructor ratings they should find this an educational program and it should certainly apply towards personal growth in knowledge and skills. Visit the USHPA website in order to get detailed steps on How to Become an Instructor.

Advanced Instructor

The two day Advanced Instructor Certification Clinic allows instructors to sign pilots off for higher ratings. Basic Instructors wanting their Advanced Instructor Rating are required to attend an additional Instructor Training Seminar. Basic Instructors will work on coaching pilots on thermaling and other skills required for their students to become Intermediate and Advanced Ratings.

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