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Tandem Instructor Certification Clinic $495

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The Tandem Instructor Rating is regarded as the highest rating a pilot can achieve according to Eagle Paragliding. This rating requires Tandem Instructors to represent our sport to the public at large.

This rating requires pilot experience, skill, and judgment. We are granted the ability to fly tandems as an instructional flight by the FAA. This exemption is renewed if all tandem pilots operating in the United States continue to follow the guidelines of the exemption.

Eagle offers two day clinics for tandem pilots to achieve their T1 rating, which allows the tandem pilot to fly with other USHPA rated pilots with a Novice P2 rating or higher. T2 pilots have permission to fly wish USHPA members with a P1 or higher rating.
The T3 rating is the highest tandem rating, and allows pilots to fly with anyone who is a member or temporary 30 day member of USHPA.

Tandem flying is an excellent instructional opportunity for students, and anyone interested in becoming a paraglider pilot.

Tandem Clinic participants work on technique and theory as they work towards their tandem certification. We work on passenger briefings, launching and landing techniques, and plenty of “what if” scenarios. Contact Eagle Paragliding or check our Paragliding Events Calendar to see when our next Tandem Clinic is scheduled.

Tandem Instructor Rating Requirements:
  1. A current Tandem rating.
  2. At least 25 logged tandem flights of at least 500' vertical descent or at least 2 minutes duration as pilot in command using the designated launch method.
  3. Successful completion of an FOI test (Fundamental of Instruction), a 1-2 day tandem exam clinic and pass a written exam and flight test with a Tandem Administrator. Attendance in the exam clinic cannot precede the requirements above.
  4. Endorsement of the candidate's Regional Director.
  5. Must agree to all the provisions of the USHPA standard waiver and assumption of risk agreement for the Tandem Instructor rating and deliver an original signed copy to the USHPA office.
  6. Present proof of a current first aid card to a Tandem Administrator.

Tandem Instructor Operating Restrictions and Limitations:
  1. May offer recreational or instructional flights, utilizing their designated launch method (FL or ST).
  2. Student must have in their possession a USHPA Student rating (or higher).
  3. Maximum allowable wing loading must be within the placards of the glider.
  4. A Tandem Instructor rating only authorizes issuing Tandem-1 ratings, not any other rating or Special Skill.
  5. Prior to all tandem flights, the passenger or student must be informed that such flights are conducted under an exemption granted by the FAA, and that the ultralight vehicle does not meet aircraft certification standards set forth by the FAA.
  6. When present at a flying site, a Tandem Paragliding Instructor shall personally ensure that all tandem flying requirements and the site requirements are being strictly followed. He shall personally inspect the USHPA ratings of both tandem passengers and pilots, and shall have the authority to halt those tandem flights that are in non-compliance. Noncompliance shall be reported to the Regional Director.
  7. Possession of the FAA's Part 103, FAR Grant of Exemption #4721 is mandatory while flying tandem.
  8. This exemption expires on October 31, 2006 unless sooner superseded or rescinded.
  9. All tandem accidents should be reported by the tandem pilot involved and any other tandem pilot aware of the accident.

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