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Award Winning Instruction

Elings flight Park is world class

Paraglider Training in Santa Barbara 

Students work on the art of kiting

Students kiting their paragliders at Elings Park 

Become A Paraglider Pilot

Learn to Paraglide with Eagle Paragliding Most students are Novice rated in 8-10 days. After certification you're an Eagle student for life. Benefits include continuing education, and priority invitations to our world class tours. Find out what it takes to be a Paraglider Pilot.

Eagle Pilots around the world

Paraglider Training 

Our reputation spans the globe. Watch the Paragliding Videos of Eagle alumni Tom Keefer flying the North Aiguille Du Midi launch in Chamonix France, and some beautiful sites in Italy.

View stories and pictures of Eaglets paragliding around the world.

Instructor of the year honor

Eagle Paragliding's chief Instructor Rob Sporrer received USHPA's Instructor of the Year Award in 2002. Every year USHPA issues the award to the person making the biggest contributions to our sport in the United States.

Meet the Eaglets

Novice Paraglider Pilot Takes Off 

We have been busy instructing a brand New Flock of Eaglets. Meet the new and continuing Eagle Pilots. Watch them go from the training hill to the mountains for their first high flights, and join Eagle on Paragliding Tours and Paragliding Clinics around the world.

View stories and pictures of Eaglets paragliding around the world.

Joel De Jong
Joel has been flying with us since the Spring of 07. He picked things up fairly quickly, and has had some great ridge soaring flights, as well as thermaling flights from the local mountains. He had a thermal flight tin December which was over an hour long. Look for Joel's brother to be checking out the sport soon since Joel kicked him down a gift certificate for Christmas.

Jim Francisco
Jim lives in Bakersfield. He decided to travel south to get Instruction with Eagle. This guy has a knack for be in town when the thermals are pumping. he has done well with ridge soaring and mountain flights. He got so high at the Monastery one day he could have flown to the beach. He will have to put in some more time and get his P4 rating before we can send him down to the beach.

Adam Geeb
Adam got into paragliding when his mother bid on an Eagle Paragliding gift certificate at an auction. The gift certificate was donated by Eagle to the fire department. Adam picked things up quickly, and was soon soaring high above Santa Barbara. The guy has got some thermaling skills, and I usually the last one to come down.

Lauren Glick
Look for the big smile at the hill or at launch and its likely Lauren Glick. She lives in Los Angeles, and decided to head north to Santa Barbara to train with Eagle. Lauren has excellent ground handling skills, and we love her committed launch posture. She had two days of high flights just before Christmas 2007, and now she has officially caught flying fever.

Thomas Glaser
Thomas was attending UCSB in a graduate program when he strolled by the training hill and discovered Eagle Paragliding. He watched the lessons for a while, and then signed up to become a pilot. He had a summer full of ridge soaring, and managed to get some mountain flying, and a maneuvers clinic in before leaving for Germany. We will keep you updated on Thomas, and let you know how he is doing flying in Europe.

Kevin Hansen
Kevin also lives in Los Angeles with Lauren who we mentioned above. Kevin picked up kiting quickly, and was ready to get airborne. He was here for some epic weekend flying this December, and managed to nail his launch, and climb high over the range. I suspect Kevin and Lauren will be joining us on some of our paragliding tours this year.

Kelly Scoggins
Kelly came to Eagle Paragliding after admitting that he had tried to learn on his own. We put the gear he purchased on Ebay in the dumpster since it was too old for the museum. He has been a fixture at the training hill working on his technique. He has had some awesome flights so far this season, and will be there any day the flying looks promising.

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