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Instructor of the year honor

Eagle Paragliding's chief Instructor Rob Sporrer received USHPA's Instructor of the Year Award in 2002. Every year USHPA issues the award to the person making the biggest contributions to our sport in the United States.

Eagle Paragliding

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The benchmark of an excellent teacher is an excellent student.

Eagle Paragliding has been training new and current paragliding students for over a decade. They were they first sister school of Airplay Paragliding before the two schools merged in 2006. Eagle Paragliding is recognized as the student and current pilots best choice for all levels of paragliding training in the United States, and tours all over the world. Paragliding Articles about the Eagle training program have appeared in The New York Times, the cover of The Santa Barbara Independent, and many other periodicals and film productions.

Their reputation as an industry leader stems from the unmatched service provided to their clients. Eagle Paragliding founder Rob Sporrer was honored with the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Instructor of the Year Award, and was the protege of American paragliding icon Dixon White. Eagle has recruited top pilots and Instructors from around the world to build a team of professionals dedicated to creating an extra ordinary learning environment.

Eagle is also an importer of premium Paragliding Equipment and Products. We currently import Bruce Goldsmith Design, UP, and Niviuk paraglider brands, and the Woody Valley harness brand. Eagle supplies dealers, customers, and students with the biggest selection of paragliding products in the United States. You can check out our large line of products in our Online Paragliding Store

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