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Thermal Flying by Burkhart Martens Covershot Thermal Flying by Burkhart Martens Covershot
Looking to improve your cross country flying skills? Thermal Flying by Burkhart Martens is the bible when it comes to XC Flying.

Paragliding Tours

Eagle Paragliding will offer tours to paragliding destinations all over the world. These tours are aimed at improving our flying skills, and gain an understanding of the information to keep us flying safe and flying high at new and different sites. The instructors on your tour provide coaching, tandem instruction, and transportation to and from launch as well as a pick up at the end of your cross country flight. Your accommodations and ground transportation are included in the price of the tours. Participating pilots are responsible for some meals and making their own air travel arrangements. We will take care of everything once you arrive. The prices on these tours run from $1800 to $2200, depending on the location. Please send us an email requesting to get on our mailing list to be informed about tours.

Valle De Bravo
French Alps

Colombia Tour $2000
Reserve your spot on the 2015 Colombia tour

Colombia Tour #1 arrives
Travel Day – Saturday, January 31 ––Tour #1 arrives
Flying - February 1 to 7 –Tour #1 flies
Travel Day – Sunday, February 8 – Tour #1 travels home

Colombia Tour #2 arrives
Travel Day – Sunday, February 8 ––Tour #2 arrives
Flying - February 9 to 15 - Tour #2 flies
Travel Day - Monday February 16 – Tour #2 travels home

Colombia Tour #3 arrives
Travel Day – Saturday February 21 – Tour #3 arrives
Flying - February 22 to 28 Tour #3 flies
Travel Day – Sunday March 1 - Tour #3 travels home

Colombia Tour #4 arrives
Travel Day – Sunday March 1 - Tour #4 arrives
Flying - March 2 to 8 - Tour #4 flies
Travel Day – Monday March 9 - tour #4 travels home

Colombia Tour Video#1
Colombia Tour Video#2
Colombia Tour Video#3

Colombia is calling! Eagle Paragliding will be offering 4 weeks of tours in Colombia this winter. Colombia offers truly amazing flying and XC for pilots of all levels. The people in Colombia are warm, and it's safe for visitors and tourists. The only risk is not wanting to leave. Reserve your spot now because these tours will sell out.

You can expect amazing flying in Colombia with cloud filled skies and friendly landing options. These tours are for pilots of all levels. We will work on our launching, flying, landing techniques, and Cross Country team flying every day. They are hold two paragliding competitions, one of which is the Superbowl of paragliding before our tours, so needless to say the site is world class. Those who need work on thermaling will get specific coaching, and those of you wanting to fly Cross Country routes with a posse will not be disappointed. We will also be calling tasks for pilots interested in working on their race to goal skills.

Our tours stand alone because of our experience and the people we bring to guide. The tour includes two USHPA Instructor of the Year award recipients (Rob Sporrer and Brad Gunnuscio), and a high caliber staff of instructors to support you in achieving your goals. To sum it up, we are stacked with as much talent as can be expected on a paragliding tour. Having such a large high caliber staff allows us to custom tailor the tour to meet each participant’s expectations. Each staff member is dedicated in helping you to achieve your flying goals for the week.

The instructional tandem flights we offer as part of the tour are an amazing experience for pilots as well; especially those just starting to push themselves out of their comfort zone starting to fly cross country. Some pilots realized the benefit of flying tandem with some of the best pilots and instructors in the United States and took advantage by flying a handful of tandems. We had tandem slots available every day, and it was good to see the tour participants taking advantage, and getting the knowledge from these flights which they could apply to their personal flying.

The price of the tour is $2,000, and covers everything except your plane ticket and lunches. We will handle the airport Pick-up/drop-off, lodging, breakfast, dinner, rides to launch, retrieve, world-class instruction, and wing tip to wing tip flying with our world class instructors. These dinners will be prepared by the staff at the hotel in a wonderful area.

Valle De Bravo Tour $2200

Testimonial of Valle De Bravo Tour participant Rob Milley
Valle De Bravo tour week 1 video
Valle De Bravo tour week 2 video

Eagle Paragliding has run tours in Valle De Bravo, Mexico for almost a decade. We have flown just about every single day of every tour we have put together in Valle. The conditions are remarkably consistent.

Our Valle De Bravo tours are unique. We staff a handful of instructors who are some of the best cross country competition pilots and instructors in the United States. We travel to Valle De Bravo every year and offer tours for pilots wanting to enjoy excellent thermal and cross country flying conditions with excellent coaching. Our large staff allows us to cater to both newer pilots and advanced pilots who wish to fly big cross country routes with the best XC pilots in The United States.

The Eagle Paragliding Staff competes together in the annual Monarca Open Paragliding Competition every year before or after the tours. We have a private chef who prepares unbelievable dinners at the large house on 4 acres we rent each year. Our tours have a true sense of community as we sit by the fire in the evenings enjoying meals together after a great day of flying.

The staff of Eagle Instructors allows us to offer tandem instructional flights as part of the tour. Our tours will include thermal coaching, and cross country coaching which will cater to pilots of any level.

We give priority registration to returning tour participants over a four week period. Email us if you have questions about the 2011 tours.

2014 Valle De Bravo Tour Dates

We are doing Colombia in 2014 instead of Valle. We will be offering tours in 2015 to both Valle De Bravo and Colombia.

Tour Cost

One week: $2,200

Payments can be made by Check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, or by wire transfer.

Your only other expense is your plane ticket to Mexico City. We include breakfast every day at the house, and authentic mexican dishes every night prepared by Maria, and all the beer, soda, wine, or water you can drink.

Saturdays will be travel days on the tours. Your arriving flight should arrive in Mexico City as close to 4pm as possible. Avoid booking tickets which arrive any later than 4pm in the afternoon, as it will create transportation challenges from the airport. The best plan is to book your ticket to land as close to 3:30pm as possible.

We are attempting to streamline the arrival times to avoid having a long wait at the airport. If you’re not sure your arrival or departure times meet the suggested criteria contact Rob for confirmation.

Your departing flight from Mexico City home should leave no earlier than 3pm. We need to get you to the airport at least two hours before your flight. It’s very important you follow these guidelines when booking your flights. If you are having trouble meeting these guidelines please contact Rob at 805.968.0980 or send an email.

We will be supplying all bedding and towels for our guests. The house will have wireless internet.

More information will follow after we receive your reservation. Please send in a $750 deposit per tour to Eagle Paragliding PO Box 91259, Santa Barbara, CA, 93190. Please specify your choice for the tour(s) you would like to attend.

We’re looking forward to another epic year in Valle De Bravo Mexico!

Read about one of our student's experience in Valle in her USHPA Magazine Article: Doing a tour was the ticket by Marge Variano

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Eagle Paragliding plans paragliding tours to Brazil. Send us an email and we will keep you posted the pertinent information.

The Brazil tours are aimed on thermaling and flying cross country. Brazil has excellent thermal and cross country potential. We will cover many aspects of paragliding including weather, thermaling, cross country decision making and gaggle flying with a group. Our goal is to fly together as a gaggle. We want to teach how to make good decisions and be safe when flying cross country. We follow three rules when flying in Brazil, work hard, have patience, and believe.

We aspire to offer the highest caliber of instruction in exotic flying locations. Brazil is known for its positive energy, and friendly environment.

A visa is required when traveling to Brazil so you will need to send your passport to an agency. We have used Visa Express in the past. They can take care of stamping your passport with a Visa. It takes about 7 business days and cost about $130. It’s very important to get this done immediately. Please don't wait to send in your passport. Realize you need your flight itinerary in order to get your visa.

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French Alps

Eagle Paragliding will be returning to Europe for a tours in the future. We plan on hitting the sites around Lake Annecy for a week then heading for another flying destination to be determined for a few days before heading home. The flying has been amazing on our previous tour. Here are some images and accounts from the Eagle Paragliding French Alps Tour.

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