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Our reputation spans the globe. Watch the Paragliding Videos of Eagle alumni Tom Keefer flying the North Aiguille Du Midi launch in Chamonix France, and some beautiful sites in Italy.

View stories and pictures of Eaglets paragliding around the world.

Go On Tour With Eagle Paragliding!

Eagle Paragliding organizes paragliding tours for all pilots of all skill levels Be sure to check our Paragliding Events Calendar to reserve space on one of our unprecedented tours. We bring pilots of all skill levels to flying destinations which span the globe. Our large staff of the nations top pilots and instructors provide unmatched service. Find out more about our Paragliding Tours

Directions and Meeting Places

Santa Barbara Paragliding Map
Are you meeting us for some flying? Check out our Directions to Meeting Locations and LZs page.
Elings Park Directions

Paragliding Resources

Be sure to visit our Paragliding Events Calendar. Most people need time to plan ahead if they are going to join us for a clinic, tour, or other paragliding events. We have made our 2008 Calendar available to help you succeed in getting paragliding into your planner.

Locating our training hill is easy, and most of the lodging options are close to the flight park. Let us know if you need any help with your Directions & Lodging. We pride ourselves on being full service, and would love to help in any way we can.

We have organized a list of our favorite Santa Barbara Restaurants & Entertainment locations for you. Lucky visitors who are in town during the Spring or Summer shoudl check to see if their is a concert at The Santa Barbara Bowl while you are visiting. This venue is truly one of a kind, and most artists claim it is their favorite place to perform.

Read the Paragliding Testimonials submitted by people from all over the world who have trained with Eagle.

We encourage new students to review our opinion on Paragliding Equipment Deals. You will find information of what to avoid, in addition to the Discounted Paragliding Packages offered by Eagle Paragliding.

We recommend Bill Anderson at Rising Air for all of your wing, harness, and reserve Paragliding Repair Services. Bill has been the best in the industry for many years and provides unparalleled professional service to our industry.

The South Coast has two Paragliding Clubs. These two clubs work together to help preserve all the flying sites in our area. The annual membership fees for these two clubs are quite reasonable. We hope you become a member if you travel to fly in our area.

Visiting Paraglider Pilots are encourage to get with locals to get all the important information regarding our flying sites. Our new flying friends usually return on an annual basis after they discover the flying offered on the South coast.

There are handful of Paragliding Publications we recommend. The periodicals have educational articles, and stories about flying all over the world. The quality of these magazines continues to improve, and you help support the industry as a whole when you subscribe.

You may be interested in better understanding the
Paragliding Organizations and Regulations
as they relate to flying in the United States. The information on our regulations, and the purpose of the organizations are information we should have as paraglider pilots.

American paragliding Icon Dixon White was the godfather of paragliding education in the United States. Be sure to read
Dixon White’s Paragliding Notes & Articles
. You will glean information on Dixon’s opinion of being a complete pilot, and understand concepts related to flying in his articles.

Tom’s web site is a collection of articles Tom has written about different aspects of paragliding. Some of the information is site specific to the South Coast, but there is some great information to glean from his writings no matter where you fly. Tom’s flight log is also on the website, and this has some great details about his cross country flights.

Paragliding Articles written by eagle paragliding founder rob sporrer cover topics related to flying as well as competitions and travel. The articles have been published in Paragliding and Paraglider magazines.

Our Site Map is here to help you find a specific page you may be looking for on our web site. Please Contact Eagle Paragliding if you need information, or are having difficulty finding something in particular on the web site.

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