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Award Winning Instruction

Eagle lands on the Indy cover

 Paragliding Article in Santa Barbara Independent One Sunday afternoon in April I stood in the parking area of the paragliding training hill at Elings Park and gazed at the calm Pacific waters lapping onto the shores of Arroyo Burro Beach... Read the full story here!

Paragliding Awards

The USHPA Instructor of the Year Award recognizes the importance of our certified paragliding instructors in promoting safe flying practices and contributing to the positive image and growth of our sport. Considerations include effectiveness as a teacher, being a safety role-model, and other factors that the nomĀ­inating parties deem worthy of recognition. Eagle Paragliding instructor Rob Sporrer was given the award in 2002.

Rob was awarded a Commendation by USHPA in 2007. The Paragliding Magazine excerpt reads..."Rob Sporrer has created a unique community of pilots via Eagle Paragliding...Eagle pilots are concerned with safety first, due to Rob's guidance...He puts pilots first and his business second...He leads by Example - I have never observed Rob launching in marginal conditions, and he gives a lot of detail during tandem flights to help us become better pilots. He creates an inclusive atmosphere for pilots of all levels, backgrounds, and wing types. He has the best interest of the sport and its pilots in mind at all times, and creates a focus on safety, all with a cool 'SoCal' laid-back approach."

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