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Eagle Paragliding organizes paragliding tours for all pilots of all skill levels Be sure to check our Paragliding Events Calendar to reserve space on one of our unprecedented tours. We bring pilots of all skill levels to flying destinations which span the globe. Our large staff of the nations top pilots and instructors provide unmatched service. Find out more about our Paragliding Tours

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Design your custom wing and get detailed product information with product reviews at our secure state of the art online Paragliding Store. We import the industries premiere Paragliding Brands from all over the world.

Paragliding Clinics

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Most of the core subjects which make up our paragliding syllabus at Eagle Paragliding are included in your Novice Training. You shouldn't pay extra for a weather or ridge soaring clinic in our opinion. These should be part of your Novice Training. Eagle Alumni are lifetime students and receive continued thermal and cross country training at no extra charge when we fly together. We offer organized thermal and cross country clinics for pilots who trained elsewhere, and want to begin flying at the next level. Our year round location allows for an expanded schedule of Clinics and Paragliding Tours.

Our Clinics go beyond the Novice Training Syllabus. The Clinics include Intermediate Pilot Certification, Advanced Pilot Certification, Thermaling Clinics, Cross Country Clinics, and Maneuvers Clinics.

Eagle Paragliding has been designated by our governing body USHPA to certify every level of paragliding instructors as well as pilots. These clinics include Instructor Apprenticeship Programs, Tandem Instructor Clinics, Basic Instructor clinics, and Advanced Instructor clinics.

Intermediate Paragliding Certification Clinic $200
Advanced Paragliding Cerfification Clinic $200
Thermal & Cross Country Clinic $395
Competition Flying Clinic $495
Owens Valley Clinic $695
Paragliding Maneuvers Clinic
Paragliding Instructor Apprenticeship Program Free
Paragliding Instructor Certification Clinics $495
Tandem Paragliding Instructor Certification Clinic $495

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