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Award Winning Instruction

Become A Paraglider Pilot

Learn to Paraglide with Eagle Paragliding Most students are Novice rated in 8-10 days. After certification you're an Eagle student for life. Benefits include continuing education, and priority invitations to our world class tours. Find out what it takes to be a Paraglider Pilot.

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Paragliding Services & Pricing

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We offer Introductory Paragliding Lessons which are Full 8 Hour Training Days, and Paragliding Tandem Flights for people wanting to explore paragliding, and the Novice Paragliding Training Program for people who are certain they want to become paraglider pilots. Paragliding Gift Certificates are available for all of the lesson categories.

Eagle Paragliding alumni and pilots from all over the world take part in our unprecedented continuing education programs. These programs include Paragliding Clinics, Paragliding Tours, Paramotoring and Triking, and Speed Flying.

Lesson & Gift Certficate Options
1 Day Introductory Paragliding Lesson $200 - 8 hour days
2 Day Introductory Paragliding Lesson $400 - 8 hour days
Tandem Instructional Flight ($100-$200)
Paragliding Gift Certificates ($100-$1500)
Novice Paraglider Training Program $1500 for 8-10 days
Paragliding Clinics ($395-$750)
Paragliding Tours ($1800-$2250)
Hang Gliding Lessons and Tandems ($200-$300)

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