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Niviuk Concertina Bag

The Niviuk NKara Concertina Bag makes packing your glider easy! Check it out in our store.

Speed Flying

Speed Flying (aka Speed Riding) is a new sport that has evolved from skiers using skydiving parachutes while skiing. Skiing with a glider attached enables skiers to jump off larger cliffs and reach new terrain. Due to the technology that has emerged through paragliding, some paraglider manufacturers have begun designing wings for speedflying. These wings have less surface area than paraglider, generate less lift than a paraglider, and are able to travel at higher speeds. Speedflying wings can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h, but are normally flown between 35 km/h and 70 km/h. In strong wind conditions, these speed flying wings are often able to stay airborne in areas of ridgelift.

You can find Airwave and Niviuk Speed Flying Wings at the Eagle Paragliding Store.

Niviuk Speedflying Video:

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