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Award Winning Instruction

Sundowners flight logs

Pilots who learned to paraglide in the mid 1990’s may have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to train with Tom Truax (Sundowner). Tom has been involved with flying most of his life, and he is definitely the guru of free flying on the South Coast.

He recaptured his state distance record and went 143 miles from the Owens valley in June of 2001. Tom has more flights and knowledge about flying on the south coast than any other pilot.

I was lucky to have him as my instructor, and to apprentice and teach with him at Skysports. I spent my first two years as a pilot flying and learning from the “Sundowner”, and he taught me more about flying than anyone ever will.

Tom’s web site has a collection of articles Tom has written about different aspects of paragliding. Some of the information is site specific to the South Coast, but there is some great information to glean from his writings no matter where you fly. Tom’s flight log is also on the website, and this has some great details about his cross country flights.

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