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Eagle Paragliding organizes paragliding tours for all pilots of all skill levels Be sure to check our Paragliding Events Calendar to reserve space on one of our unprecedented tours. We bring pilots of all skill levels to flying destinations which span the globe. Our large staff of the nations top pilots and instructors provide unmatched service. Find out more about our Paragliding Tours

Paragliding clubs

The Santa Barbara Soaring Association has been around since the 1970'. The Annual Membership to the SBSA is $30. We encourage you to to become a member of the club since these fees help pay our site insurance at all o four flying locations..The SBSA meets the first Thursday of every month at 7pm upstairs at Rustys Pizza on the corner of Carillo and Bath Streets in downtown Santa Barbara. The club is made up of pilots of all levels who love the sport and the camaraderie that comes with paragliding and hang gliding. The agenda at the meetings is to go over topics important to the flying community. We make sure we are all on the same page and aware of threats to flying sites and landing zones. There are often guest speakers and entertainment as well. We do our best to continue growing the sport and protect the sites we have been using over the years. The meetings are an opportunity to meet other pilots, and share flying stories as well. The business of the meeting usually lasts 15-30 minutes, and the fun and socializing follows.

The SBSA has been in front of the city council over the years dealing with flying issues. The club organizes activities to Big Sur, the Owens Valley, and other flying destinations every year for club members.

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