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Are you meeting us for some flying? Check out our Directions to Meeting Locations and LZs page.
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Visiting pilots

We enjoy having pilots from other areas join us for flying on the South Coast. We aim to be good ambassadors to the sport and help you get all the information you need. We want to be sure you understand all the rules and regulations we honor here in Santa Barbara to keep our flying sites forever.

We also want to protect you. It’s important to get the flight plans we consider from our local launches. Our landing zones are a significant glide from our mountain launches. We have specific rules on areas to avoid when flying both our mountains and ridge soaring sites.

Visiting pilots who failed to contact locals before going flying in our area have ended up landing out after failing to get the important information required to fly safely and be in compliance with our local rules and regulations. Visiting pilots who land out or fail to adhere to the rules we have established with our city jeopardize the future of our free flying.

It’s unfortunate when our local Search and Rescue and Fire departments are called into action unnecessarily. Please don’t be the pilot who jeopardizes the flying sites we have worked so hard to protect over the past 20 years. It’s a better for everyone involved if visiting pilots contact a local to get all the important information relating to free flight in our area.

We encourage visiting pilots to become members of our South Coast Flying Associations if you plan on flying in our area. The annual membership fees for these clubs are quite reasonable, and are made up of some wonderful people.

We really enjoy meeting new pilots, and often see our new friends returning to fly with us on an annual basis. We hope you can email us before you plan on coming so we can make space for you on the schedule and take the time to get you all the information you need. Try calling the phone numbers listed below if you don’t have email, or just happen to be passing through town in search of some air time. Here our Eagle Paragliding’s recommendations for Santa Barbara Lodging, and Santa Barbara Restaurants, and Santa Barbara Entertainment.

Paragliding Guides
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