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Award Winning Instruction

Meet the Eaglets

Eagle Paragliding Rookies 

We have been busy instructing a brand New Flock of Eaglets. Meet the new and continuing Eagle Pilots. Watch them go from the training hill to the mountains for their first high flights, and join Eagle on Paragliding Tours and Paragliding Clinics around the world.

Eagle Pilots around the world

Paraglider Training 

Our reputation spans the globe. Watch the Paragliding Videos of Eagle alumni Tom Keefer flying the North Aiguille Du Midi launch in Chamonix France, and some beautiful sites in Italy.

View stories and pictures of Eaglets paragliding around the world.

Directions and Meeting Places

Santa Barbara Paragliding Map
Are you meeting us for some flying? Check out our Directions to Meeting Locations and LZs page.
Elings Park Directions

Santa Barbara Restaurants & Entertainment

our favorites:
Pizza Guru
Marty's Pizza Delivery (delivery only)
Natural Café
Your Choice Thai Food - The best Thai food in town.
Pascucci's Italian Food Restaurant
Roy's - Late night dining
Arigato - Sushi
The Sojourner - vegetarian

    Visit the following websites for information on local restaurants:

Santa Barbara Bowl - concerts.
Soho - music and dining
The Sand Bar - food, drinks, football
Eos - Bar and night club

Santa Barbara Movies

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