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Award Winning Instruction

Pilot flies 52 Miles on his first XC Flight

Eagle Paragliding Cross Country ParaglidingRead Tom Brands Paragliding Magazine Article detailing how he flew 50 miles on his very first Cross Country flight while participating in an Eagle Paragliding Clinic. Visit the Eagle Press Room for more articles and stories about Eagle Paragliding..

Eagle lands on the Indy cover

 Paragliding Article in Santa Barbara Independent One Sunday afternoon in April I stood in the parking area of the paragliding training hill at Elings Park and gazed at the calm Pacific waters lapping onto the shores of Arroyo Burro Beach... Read the full story here!

Mission, Goals, Beliefs And Values

Piloting your best paragliding experience

Eagle Paragliding is dedicated to customized state of the art Paragliding Instruction in all paragliding disciplines. Our talented and innovative staff of Paragliding Instructors all over the world values your choice to fly. Our passion to teach and give lifelong support in helping you realize your dream makes us the obvious choice.

Our primary mission is safety. We take safety very seriously. Even though there is some danger in any sport, our mission is to reduce danger to as close to zero as reasonably probable. For safety reason, there will be some days training will be postponed of cancelled for that particular day. With our many years of experience on the training hill, we have become very experienced weather forecasters on our particular training venue. So when training is delayed or cancelled, it is for one principle reason - the student's safety. We provide the latest and most up to date equipment and training procedures in the industry. Before any student enters a training procedure, all equipment is checked and verified to meet the standards required for all training conditions for that day. We meet or exceed the industry standards for safety. Daily, we at Eagle Paragliding, ask ourselves, what can we do better to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Eagle Paragliding has earned the reputation of being the smart choice for Paragliding Students of all levels. We bring our values and passion for teaching people to fly with us everywhere we go. With over a decade at the forefront of paragliding instruction in America we offer unequivocal excellence in all aspects of paragliding education. We start our new students at our world class training location, and lead Eagle Alumni on Paragliding Tours all over the world. Our Paragliding Clinics give students access to everything necessary to become the complete pilot. We are also the choice of pilots who wish to become instructors and tandem pilots. Eagle administrates these Instructor Clinics in hopes of raising the bar for paragliding instruction everywhere.

We encourage you to do your homework when Choosing a Paragliding School. Whether you have chosen to realize your dream to fly and become a pilot, or are just giving paragliding a try, please research schools before making a choice. Its often worth traveling to a location with a good reputation, excellent facilities, and consistent weather conditions in order to get the most out of the time you have committed.

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